Disaster Services - AmeriCorps NCCC Fire Unit Responding to Disaster


These nine young adult leaders have had considerable impact on the communities they have served by leading their teams in disaster related services including; fire mitigation efforts with the El Paso County Sheriff's office in Colorado Springs and in Shaw, MO with the Shaw Nature Preserve, flood mitigation and community outreach with the Coalition for the Upper South Platte in areas impacted by the 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire in the Colorado Springs area, response to New York and New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy, provide long term support in Bastrop, Texas to victims of the 2011 fires with the Bastrop Long Term Recovery Group, response in Oklahoma after the numerous 2013 tornadoes, and lastly they responded with wildland fire fighting efforts at the Black Forest Fire in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

These nine leaders have effectively worked with organizations to help numerous states and localities prepare, respond, recover and mitigate disasters and increase community resiliency

CNCS DISASTER SERVICES STRATEGIES DEMONSTRATED (Strategies 1.3, 2.1, 2.2) The work that Susan Aronoff (F3) and Arthur Knapp (F7) did with the new sponsor, Coalition for the Upper South Platte, not only created a way for disaster preparation to take place in areas effected by the 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire, but they also informed an entire community about how AmeriCorps NCCC can be of service in disaster preparedness and response. This relationship also provided the opportunity to engage the community in mock disaster (flooding) situations and how to respond.

(Strategy 3.1) Team Leader, Christine Amoresano (F2) had the opportunity to continue providing support in Bastrop, Texas in collaboration with the Bastrop Long Term Recovery Group.

(Strategy 3.1) Team Leaders Lalita Russ (F1), Chris Hudson (F5), and CA Gresham (F6) all responded in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Lalita and CA were response teams doing assessments and Chris was a recovery team performing mostly mucking and gutting.

(Strategy 3.1) Team Leader, Chris Hudson (F5), responded to Oklahoma City after the Spring tornadoes disaster by continuing to support the Volunteer Reception Center.

(Strategy 4.1) Team Leader, Fei Chen (F4), spent most of his term in Colorado Springs performing fire mitigation for areas that are at high risk of fire danger. He also lead his team in response to the 2013 Black Forest Fire in Colorado Springs, CO.

(Strategy 4.1) Colorado Springs (El Paso County) is a repetitive disaster prone community at this point (Waldo Canyon Fire, Black Forest Fire, Manitou Springs flooding because of the burn scar) and three of the Fire Unit team leaders have been a part of all stages of disaster including; mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

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